5 Rappers Out Of The GTA You Need To Know.

5 Rappers Out Of The GTA You Need To Know.

  1. Pryde:

    Coming out of Brampton Pryde has been grinding for his time to shine. After a name change and a head lining tour this summer, Pryde is about to drop his upcoming album Russell. Stop sleeping on him because he’s been putting out bangers for years and he’s about to take off.

  2. Jazz Cartier:

    If you’re from Toronto I guarantee that you’ve heard about Jazz Cartier and his aggressive raps. He has his sights on the top spot and after listening to his music you know that it’s only a matter of time till he’s there. Jazz and his team are very calculated in every that they do from the release of a song, music video and even to how a live show is performed.

  3. Jimmy Prime: 

    The creator of the “6” is making sure you know that he means business. Jimmy Prime has been putting out fire for years. Last month he dropped the two bangers “Forever” and “Rest Of The Night” keeping the 6 hot. His melodic flow and auto tuned style will have you hitting replay on each one of his songs. After a small tour in Sept. Jimmy Prime and the Prime Boys are set to capture the scene. Especially after the release of Block Boy you should know he’s not playing around.

  4. John River:

    Out of Mississauga John River brings a fresh take and sound to his music. He just released his highly anticipated mixtape The Storm. The project that will put John River’s name on to many itunes play lists. John River took his time making sure that his reintroduction to the hip hop scene was perfect.

  5. Tory Lanez:

    Just like his latest single Tory Lanez is about to blow. The One Umbrella founder is getting ready to release his début album. This has been a huge year for Tory as he’s on tour with Mac Miller, released two fire singles (“Say It” and “B.L.O.W”) and had Ed Sheeran cover one of his tracks. If you think 2015 was big for him just wait for 2016.