7 – Featured Toronto Artist

7 – Featured Toronto Artist

You’ve heard it being mentioned quite a lot on this site, but also on a whole when it comes to Toronto music; that drug-induced, trippy sound has really solidified itself in the overall sound coming out of the city. There are a number of artists that have really embraced and mastered that sound, cats like The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, even the 6ix God himself, there are often a number of imitators that tend to fall short of the bar that has been set, this artists right here is not one of those washouts. Starting out in Egypt and making his way to the downtown core, up and coming rapper 7 is really putting in work getting himself ready to kick down the door into the music industry.



Realizing his passion for rap at an early age, 7 started rapping at the age of 12 with his boy Gome$. Starting off like everyone else, the duo would make music on Garageband, 7 would mix and master all of the songs, but would always use third party beats, either way he was slowly developing confidence in his sound.  He has been influenced by a number of artists including heavy weights like 50 Cent, ScHoolboy Q, Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Amir Obe, Kendrick Lamar and Young Thug. In an attempt to create his own sound he has taken something from each artists, spending a lot of time working and finding the sound that he would want to listen to. Throughout the years he has put out a number of songs and mixtapes, however felt the need to start fresh and come back out with a newly perfected sound.

He hopped back into the game with a bombardment of music, releasing a number of songs on his SoundCloud, and for a fairly new artist he comes with some serious fire. The track above was one of the many fire tracks that he released to the web, and taking it in you can tell of the bat that he brings that Toronto sound, similar to that of PartyNextDoor, SAFE and also branching out to a serious Travis Scott sound as well. The track above was produced by Blue Nova and was engineered by Jumanji416, who also engineered most of 7’s releases, with the exception of the first release, “Where?” which was engineered by NXXYXS.

Although his music is in short supply at the moment he is working diligently on creating a lot more street worthy music. He is currently working on a mixtape and also putting together music videos for the streets to fully take in his artistic capabilities. This is an artist that you need to keep an eye on because he is bound to heat the streets up in the near future. Check out his released music on his Soundcloud.