88GLAM Teases Fans With New Music via Instagram

88GLAM Teases Fans With New Music via Instagram

A couple of weeks ago, Toronto’s 88GLAM posted on Instagram teasing new music for fans. The XO members have yet to post music since 88GLAM2 released back in November 2018.

The caption of the post read “Should we put this on the album or release it now guys?? 🧐🧐 If we can get 3k comments by tomorrow maybe we’ll drop. Comment 🎱🎱 if y’all ready!!”

They further continued to post snippets of a song supposedly called “SWIM” in early October.

The first Instagram post has further exceeded 3k comments and fans hope that they release 88GLAM 3 the album.

What do you guys think, do you think Derek Wise and 88 Camino will be dropping their music anytime soon, and what do you expect of their music? Let us know.

Music by 88GLAM will be in the link below.