Akrit Jawanda – Back Then (Featured Calgary Audio)

Akrit Jawanda – Back Then (Featured Calgary Audio)

This hot newly released track will redefine the meaning of Calgary Flames. Hailing from the Stampede city, Akrit Jawanda is making his presence known to the music industry in bold fashion, with the release of his new song, “Back Then“. The track took off to the point where it was chosen as 1 of 20 songs to be performed in New York City in front of Roc Nation’s Jahill Beats and Hot 97’s DJ Bobby Trends in competition for the title of best song.

The track bumps super hard, with a kind of upbeat instrumental behind it, which was produced by Chris Cella. The lyrics are on point as well, showcasing Akrit’s ability to flow on the beat and still drop meaningful bars. The song is about how he has overlooked the common pereceptions that people put on not just himself but a lot people in the music industry and outside of it. With nobody knowing he could rap he decided that his debut single would be huge in order to catch everyone by surprise. Akrit has been working and perfecting his craft for years, and it shows as he hits you with solid verses and an extremely captivating hook. With this track he wants everyone to know things will never be the same and starting now everything that has past with him will be referred to as ‘back then’.

Akrit is the only Canadian artist set to perform “Back Then”, in front of the two DJ’s this evening at the Los Santos Party House in New York, with the confidence he brings on the track, he will no doubt kill his performance despite the fact that it’s his first show ever. Check out the track below and be on the look out for more fire coming out of Calgary from Akrit Jawanda.



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