Ashton – Journey (Featured Toronto Album)

Ashton – Journey (Featured Toronto Album)

You guys need to check this! Take a listen to “Ashton” with his debut album called Journey presented by Revery Music. Ashton is a Toronto bred artist with a sound that’s heavily influenced by hip hop and R&B; to tell the story of hardships and the life that he lives. The project consists of 6 smooth tracks mainly produced by dF and contains two special guest features from Jaiden Jacobs and Jay Glavany. He has put a lot of time and effort into each and every one of the tracks, the sound is well crafted and nicely put together making the project very enjoyable from start to finish. The meaning behind “Journey” is described below in his own words.

We are all a product of our environment, or so I’d like to believe. This project, this playlist, is the product of me searching for home, searching for my definition. I’ve learned so much and have so far to go, so I feel comfortable in expressing to you that this is my beginning. I offer to you my fears, pains, loves, and confidence. From me to you I present the commencement of my JOURNEY.

“It was never about the end goal, it was always about the journey…”



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