Babu G – Next Station: Lansdowne LP – Part 1 (Featured Toronto LP)

Babu G – Next Station: Lansdowne LP – Part 1 (Featured Toronto LP)

A lot of rap is becoming extremely redundant and repetitive, artists trying to figure out new and exciting ways of wording the exact same thing; why they are the best, how many women they have running in and out their hotel, what cars they have rented and other things along the same line. What rap has been missing is artists that genuinely have a story to tell, a story of what they have been through or how they have overcome their struggle, basically that raw real lyricism that is almost invisible on a mainstream level. This artist is delivering that real raw meaningful lyricism that the game has been lacking. Coming out of Toronto, rapper Babu G is hitting the streets with a brand new  quality project, “Next Station: Lansdowne LP – Part 1“. Babu G has been in the studio writing a lot and laying down a lot of tracks, with that being said he has chosen to make this a two part project, releasing the first part now, giving the audience time to take in this batch of music before he drops the next bomb.


The 13 track tape offers 38 minutes of solid work, every track hitting hard, meaningful lyrics in all of them, no random filler tracks. It has an extremely cool laid back vibe to it, no real club banger joints, more so that urban on the subway rocking out styled tracks. The tape features a handful of different producers, including Babu G himself. The sick production team includes, Stokely who is responsible for 3 tracks, Toronto producer BeatBusta, The Cratez, K-Boogie and Steptone. The tape is extremely emotional due to many of the tracks going deep into the mind of Babu G, making you feel what Babu G is explaining. It is a dope tape and should be taken in as soon as possible. In addition, look out for part 2 of this project which will be hitting the streets soon. Check it out below.