Brooklyn (R.I.P.) x Peter Jackson – Over Again (Audio)

Brooklyn (R.I.P.) x Peter Jackson – Over Again (Audio)

Over Again is produced by Rup Monsta and is the first record off of Brooklyn & Peter Jackson’s Album, Two Side’s To A Story. This record, created in 2014, was recorded with Jackson during Brooklyn’s three week stay in Ajax, Ontario. Over the course of those weeks, the pair became close and would spend years solidifying their relationship through their common love for music and family.

Jackson and Brooklyn first met in 2009, while Jackson was touring with Busta Rhymes as the supporting act for the Canadian Tour. Jackson became very close with Jon C, Charlie Fettah, & Brooklyn. Over the years, Brooklyn and Jackson spent much time traveling back and forth from Winnipeg and Toronto to see each other and work on various projects.

Laughing, Jackson says, “If you ask Brook, this album should have been out a long time ago. He always told me this album would go #1 and help us get to where we wanted to go. This album is for us… for me and Brooklyn, for our families, and for our fans”.

Jackson and Brooklyn’s album, Two Side’s To A Story, drops February 25, 2016 and will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, as well as in select stores!! The album features Jon C, Finalie from YSMG, & ILLIANO.

All of Brooklyn’s proceeds from the album will go to his support his family and children. Brooklyn’s mother Lori, was instrumental in helping with this project from behind the scenes.

“This album means the world to us,” says Jackson, “Thank you to Brooklyn’s mother, Lori and his entire family! I love you my brother. Rest in Peace Brooklyn.”