Buck 65 – Neverlove (Album Review)

Buck 65 – Neverlove (Album Review)

Buck 65 – Neverlove Album Review

Neverlove. Quite the name for an album eh? Buck 65 has an abstract style of rapping. In his songs he likes to incorporate many different styles of music which include blues, country, folk rock, etc. Buck is also a radio host on CBC Radio. He hails from The Maritimes a place in Canada where many rappers don’t come from. Buck’s new album that just dropped on September 30th talks about his divorce. It’s an emotional album.

Here are my top 3 tracks from Neverlove

1. She Fades (Prod. by Sunclef)

The beat in this one is wicked. I was amazed when the track started. It’s like some next level stuff. Extraordinary. You’ll muse off into a great time while listening. The lyrics on the other hand are about how you if you love someone and when they are gone, you start forgetting about em. Great track with a killer beat.

2. Danger and Play

This one has a funky beat to it, reminds you of arcade music. This one was written and produced by Buck himself. He’s describing his ex in this one. Lines like “She wears a pretty dress her feet are bare hand-picked daisies in her lap,” describe to you what Buck’s perspective of his ex is. Overall a great beat and a deep meaning.

3. Only War (feat. Tiger Rosa)

This one has a smooth piano beat to it. The song can be a downer but it has good lyrical play. The hook done by Tiger Rosa is also nice. Buck raps pretty fast in this one, make sure to listen to it good. The song ends with Buck saying “Was it love? Was it war? Wishing love would show me more.” An emotional one, it has a good meaning and is pretty catchy.

Overall the Nova Scotian did a good job on this one. The album has 13 tracks all talking about Buck’s divorce. Neverlove is a strong album with strong lyrics. Buck 65 did a good job. Soldier on!

Purchase his album at buck65.com

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Written by ZakOpinion