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Babu G – Next Station: Lansdowne LP – Part 1 (Featured Toronto LP)

A lot of rap is becoming extremely redundant and repetitive, artists trying to figure out new and exciting ways of wording the exact same thing; why they are the best, how many women they have running in and out their hotel, what cars they have rented and other things along the same line. What rap has been missing is artists that genuinely have a story to tell, a story of what they have been through or how they have overcome their struggle, basically that raw real lyricism that is almost invisible on a mainstream level. This artist is delivering that real raw meaningful lyricism that the game has been lacking. Coming out of Toronto, rapper Babu G is hitting the streets with a brand new  quality project, “Next Station: Lansdowne LP – Part 1“. Babu G has been in the studio writing a lot and laying down a lot of tracks, with that being said he has chosen to make this a two part project, releasing the first part now, giving the audience time to take in this batch of music before he drops the next bomb.


The 13 track tape offers 38 minutes of solid work, every track hitting hard, meaningful lyrics in all of them, no random filler tracks. It has an extremely cool laid back vibe to it, no real club banger joints, more so that urban on the subway rocking out styled tracks. The tape features a handful of different producers, including Babu G himself. The sick production team includes, Stokely who is responsible for 3 tracks, Toronto producer BeatBusta, The Cratez, K-Boogie and Steptone. The tape is extremely emotional due to many of the tracks going deep into the mind of Babu G, making you feel what Babu G is explaining. It is a dope tape and should be taken in as soon as possible. In addition, look out for part 2 of this project which will be hitting the streets soon. Check it out below.





Adrian Duncan – Intentions (Featured Toronto Audio)

This right here is that, what’s the game’s been missing ever so needed, headache removal music. Coming out of Toronto, this 21 year old freshman artist is moving like a vet, with an extremely dope, extremely clean, high quality sound. Adrian Duncan is fairly new on the scene with only 2 songs on SoundCloud, but don’t let that lack of quantity discourage you, this guy has some serious potential, dropping extremely quality lyrics over extremely soulful and relaxing beats; if you’re into this you might compare him to LA rapper Blu. Well, without further ado, let us introduce Adrian’s new track, “Intentions“. This track has crazy good vibes to it, lyrically, he is kicking a sort of story rap, depicting the plight of every young dude caught between two females trying to figure out what he wants and what he needs, to quote a dope line in the hook that summarizes the whole track, “I want to feel your lust, I need to feel her love“. The Canei Finch beat is on point; the New York producer did his thing, making this super cool instrumental perfect for Adrian.


Adrian Duncan is just teasing the game right now, by slowing introducing himself, initially dropping his first single, “Floetry (Interlude)” almost 2 months ago on SoundCloud, now dropping this new track. Both tracks are set to be a part of his upcoming project, “Tape Quality“. The tape features a number of soulful vibe tracks, not much different from this one, it also features a different production team on each track. To get some more information on this extremely talented artist, check out an interview he conducted with Matik MagCheck out “Intentions” below and be sure to check out more from Adrian Duncan.



adrian duncan


Lunchbox – Remember Me (Featured Toronto Video)

One thing that cannot be said about Toronto is that it lacks raw talent. There have been several artists that have stepped forward to showcase their skills, some are trash, some aren’t bad and there are a handful that really have something, this guy right here definitely has something to bring to the table.  Toronto rapper Lunchbox has been making some decent strides with his music recently, releasing his track, “Remember Me” and accompanying it with a visual. The track was originally released on SoundCloud early July, and then shortly after made its way onto iTunes. It is a solid track, featuring a solid upbeat instrumental produced by Young Reck Dynasty. The beat is nothing however without Lunchbox laceing it with a solid and extremely catchy hook, along with quality verses. Shorty after releasing an audio, the video was submitted to Worldstar, the video has blown up since then, reaching over 2 million views since its release. The video is decent, displaying Lunchbox and his team just having an overall good time,riding around the GTA and spitting his bars. The video brings forth the same energy that that was laid out on the track, making the pair mesh together well, allowing you to enjoy the whole project. This is an all together dope project and by no means should be taken lightly. Check out this music video below and be sure to be on the lookout for more fire tracks and videos from Lunchbox.




Blaze_OMBfinal (1)

Blaze The Fireman – O.M.B. (On My Bullsh*T) [Featured Toronto Song]

Everyone knows that when you hop on a track that’s not your own you have to go above and beyond what is generally expected, you can’t bring weak bars, or a terrible flow to the table. This Toronto artist understands that and proves worthy of hopping on this beat. Blaze The Fireman is back, hitting the streets with some new dope, “O.M.B. (On My Bullsh*t)” was released a few days ago, and putting it simply, it’s fire. He hops on T.I’s track, “Project Steps”, which is you’ve already heard it you would know that this track is a heavy hitter. The original track was produced by producer Mars of the American musical ensemble 1500 or Nothin. It is a slower track, but still bangs like a typical T.I trap record. Blaze The Fireman does not fail to execute the track, delivering quality lyrics throughout the whole track, letting you know he feels good to be back on road. This dude is fire, and should definitely not be slept on; check out his track below and be sure to keep an eye out for more fire from Blaze The Fireman.





KO – Top Dog (Featured Toronto Video)

Falls coming up but there is still no shortage of heat coming out of Toronto, artists dropping fire track after fire track, Toronto rapper KO hit the streets with a super dope new track and video to remind people that he is not to be counted out. Back with his new track, “Top Dog“, KO really lives up to his name, by knocking out this track, allowing people of different tastes to mess with it. The track plays host to a slower, smoother but banging instrumental produced by Harlem producer, V Don. The instrumental was originally produced for Harlem rapper, Black Rob’s track “Nothing”. It is fair to say that KO’s version of this track goes way harder than the original being as he hits you with serious lyrics, an extremely dope flow and adds a dope and catchy hook. The M Works shot and directed video adds an edge to the already dope project. It features him smoking up, drinking and just spitting the lyrics to his track. This track and video are super cold, check it out and download it on SoundCloud, check out the video below and be sure to look out for more from KO.



Top Dog Artwork [Promo]


Ruff Gewel – Off The Leash (Featured GTA Video)

In a predominately male dominated industry, female’s trying to break into the industry have an uphill battle to create waves or to even be recognized. This 22 year old female artist coming out of the GTA is not only proving that female’s can hold their own, but can dominate this game. Ruff Gewel hit the streets not too long ago with a music video for her fire track, “Off The Leash“. The actual track came out 3 months ago, and it’s been stirring things up, she brings some quality bars, very few filler lyrics, and delivered with a solid flow. Her lyrical capabilities mirror that of another female artist, Snow Tha Product, with the same kind of rapid bar after bar delivery. She drops her bars over a JeeJuh Productions produced beat; a solid beat that she rides to perfection. The video is pretty good as well, shot by BrownGuyMadeIt, it was filmed in a forest, showing the simplicity allowing you to focus on the crazy bars she is dropping. All in all this is a dope project, check out her music video below and be sure to check out more tracks from Ruff Gewel.




jj otherside

jJ – Otherside (Featured Toronto Audio)

Check out up and coming Toronto recording artist jJ, who is also a part of local rap group  that goes by Neck Ofda Woods. He goes solo for his brand new release called Otherside, which is written and self-produced by himself. The single has a dark, gloomy feel to it however it’s laced with a catchy, hard hitting hook. The track is about coming to the other side, a side that you need to get familiar with. If you enjoyed the this, you can also follow him on Twitter for more upcoming releases. Be sure to check this out below.

sese the frieza saga

SESE – The Frieza Saga (Free Stream EP)

If consistency is the key; Sese has it all. He has released wide barrage of mixtapes, albums and verses; now he’s back with a new album called “The Frieza Saga” inspired by the new movie Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F. All the work he’s been putting out over the years; has made him one of Canada’s elite spitters. From tours and live performances across the country, its hard for anyone to argue that Sese isn’t one of the most consistent and talented artists around. Recently, even Canada’s #1 urban artist Drake, took notice and started following him on popular social media app Instagram. What a great look for him. The project is available for a FREE stream and also to download by naming your price. Be sure to check this out below.


Robin Banks Interview with

We’ve been saying it quite a lot, but it needs to be said again; there’s a lot of artists out there in the 6, some just don’t measure up, some need to take a back seat with this whole music thing, however there are a number of artists that have surpassed the average local rapper, and this man right here, Mr. TT himself is one of those artists. Robin Banks has been putting in some serious work, dropping fire after fire, with videos to match. After putting on a serious music campaign and coining the phrase ‘TT’ (stands for Too Turnt), he got some recognition from the 6 God himself, after he posted, “TT right now. Too much. Too much.” on Instagram.


We had a chance to discuss up with Robin Banks and ask him a few questions to help us and his fans get a better insight into what drives him and what he’s like outside of his music. Without any further hesitation, is pleased to bring you this exclusive interview with one of Toronto’s most popping artists, Robin Banks.


Lets get straight into it. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a rapper from the Jane and Finch Community in Toronto, Ontario. I’m from a troubled neighbourhood that’s known for drugs and violence. I tried doing things to get out of it by playing basketball and soccer, but then figured out that music was my #1 talent, so from then I went from writing my rhymes to recording them.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

What inspired me to pursue this career in music was the struggle I’ve been through and seen my people go through. But what motivates me more is the block I’m from; you don’t get many opportunities and chances because everybody doubts a “Hood Nigga”. So for that reason I go hard in the studio everyday.

Do you feel you have a specific sound and how have your roots, (like where you were raised, your experiences, etc.) influenced your style?

I don’t think I have a specific sound but I do think my sound is different in comparison to other rappers in my city. My influence on my music is really the turn ups and the fun we have. Everybody in this city wants to make hood music and trap music, looking all serious and shit, not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I would just rather show how we turn up cause everybody knows where I’m from and how we get down.

What makes you stand out from other Toronto rappers? 

I think what makes me stand out is that I always have a catchy hook, no matter if the single is trap or turn up one thing I make sure is that my hook is always on point because I feel like the hook is what grabs peoples attention.

Your tracks and video’s have been getting a lot of attention recently, one getting co-signed by Drake on Instagram. How has the attention affected you, and your music?

I haven’t been affected by the attention in any way when it comes to my personality or ego because this is what I was expecting but it did affect my music by helping me be able to switch up my style and sounds.

The Entertainment. What can we expect from this project? When can we expect it to hit the streets?

The Entertainment will have all different kinds of sounds for all different kinds of people. I don’t have an exact date for the release of the tape but I’m trying  get it out real soon.

What’s next for Robin Banks?

Once I get this mixtape out I’m trying to line up a lot more shows for myself.

Anything else you want to let people know? Any Shout Outs?

S/O to my brothers UTM IMG SOS 3Letters.. The whole North Side campaign. Look out for my bros Richie Stacks and Big Bills they got some heat coming out too! This is just a start for us I was just warming up haha.





M-I – The Realness (Featured Toronto Video)

After a quick break, get ready to be bombarded by quality street music and music videos. Street Star Champions artist, M-I is back with some more cinematic dope with his music video, “The Realness“. This track is a slight step of the beaten path for M-I, in the sense that it isn’t that same upbeat trap sound that he was kicking in his previous tracks, this track features a more underground rap beat, and although it is different, he is able to kick quality bars and maintain a solid flow throughout the entire track. Hitting you with a catchy hook and solid verses that keep you bopping your head. The video isn’t as action packed as the previous ones, however it is still extremely artistic; featuring scenes from all of the precious video’s with additional clips from random shows, that come together to make one A1 music video. Check it below and be sure to get M-I’s album, “M-I:EP Excellent Performance” on iTunes now.



M.I. Promo Blue-EP V13


Tiffany Ponce – Featured Winnipeg Artist

Anyone who counted Winnipeg out or ever doubted the talent coming out of there is in for a surprise. Representing the 204 in a big way, Tiffany Ponce is one of the hardest working and more talented artists coming out of Winnipeg. A lot of artists rise in stardom and leave their city and eventually become so large they become to big for their own city or they just aren’t recognized by their city but Ponce is not one of those artists; with her talent and her work ethic she has become one of the most admired artists in the city. She has an amazing voice, primarily dropping R&B and Pop records. Ponce was inspired by a number of different artists, including  Janet Jackson, TLC, Tamia and Boyz II Men, which explains why she aims to create a late 80′s – early 90′s sound in her records. Not new to this music thing, Ponce released a freshman EP in 2012, “Only The Beginning“.

For a début project, the EP hit the streets with a bang; with two sold out CD release shows, in which her talent was showcased showing people exactly why it was ONLY the beginning. A few of the songs are available for stream on Soundcloud, but in order to listen to the whole body of work, it is available to be downloaded on iTunes or if you’re interested in a hard copy, you can purchase one here. Since the release of her EP in 2012, Ponce has been perfecting her craft, making sure she had her sound on point and ensuring she was a force to be reckoned with.


Recently she has been working on a new project, something that will be sure to take the music industry by storm. Released on August 7th, her sophomore album, “Gratitude”, is a result of not only her passion and love for music, but also the dedication and focus she reconnected with while writing for it.


Gratitude features 11 extremely high quality tracks that will not disappoint her already loyal fans, and be sure to capture many many more. It features several different sounds, ranging from slow R&B to new age Pop then back to that late 80′s early 90′s sound that she likes so much. She is not a selfish artist either, which is why she spreads the love with several features, including Los Angeles based Crystle Lightning of hip hop duo LightningCloud, Winnipeg’s Lyrical Militant and Desi Ma, and Houston resident and also a former Mouseketeer and member of ’90s pop group The Party Damon Pampolina.

Her album has already grabbed the attention of many, with a few of the tracks, “Sweet Surprise”, “Free”, “Superladies”, “Love The Rain”, and “Wish List” on regular rotation on Winnipeg urban station Rhythm 104.7 FM.  Her first EP was huge but this new album is going to be crazy, with an amazing line up of producers and features, it is sure to be huge. For any information or booking, be sure to email her team at, Check out the lovely Tiffany Ponce and keep an eye out for much more dope singles and projects from her.