Charron Lied To My Face [Album Review]

Charron Lied To My Face [Album Review]

Charron Lied To My Face Album Review

So this record start to finish is a wonder wall of heavy hitting rhymes, features, beats and production. Charron breaking straight into the scene with an amazing LP. I had to listen to the record front to back time and time again to really get a feel for it, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. What I mean is this album is new, and by new I mean… There is no one out right now that I’ve heard thats doing it quite like Charron. From clean production of the beats, to the melodies that will hit you start to finish… One song in particular that stood out like whoa was “Long Way To Go” which is a powerhouse of acoustic guitar combined with an amazing and beautiful hook to get you feeling like there’s just something more to life and you’ll get somewhere one day if you just keep hacking away at life with a proverbial axe. This kid is going places and there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re going to be seeing and hearing BIG things from Charron coming up soon. Reminding me of Machine Gun Kelly meets Eminem and something entirely new. Start to finish this album has something for everybody and I highly suggest checking it out if you’re into the underground hip hop scene. It’s an album you don’t wanna miss because soon someones gonna say “you should really check out this new cat Charron, he’s dope as hell” … and you’ll be able to say “I’m old school loving’ Charron, I knew about him before it was cool to bump his ish” . Other honourable mention is the BET Cypher, that song is filled with amazing one liners that’ll make the whole crew go “OHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!”. Be a trend setter, not follower, pick this record up now!

4 out of 5 in my books, a solid album, your music player will thank you.

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BET Cypher Master

This track is filled will amazing one liners, it’s pure entertainment to listen to, a few of my favourite lines you can expect to find on this record are.

“Miley Cyrus, I don’t really like you, thanks for lowering a generations IQ” … DAMN.

“James Franco, you bin living under a rock”

“I shut it down like the American Government”

“Get in my car, Handle Kendrick Lemar with a mother fuckin left like a Hendrix guitar.”

“Rick Ross, What you really think, The only substance that you have is in other peoples drinks”

charron kotd

Enjoy The Show ft. Swisha T and Madchild. – A track that stuck out like a sore thumb in a great way… Made me instantly bob my head and wanna go out creeping the streets in the dark of night looking for a fight. “ Stoned and stupid always rollin’ with a open 2-6, I aint going back on anything I chose to do this, Co producing in the vocal booth the vibe was perfect, bipolar cause I’m confident and kinda nervous” – Swisha T… WOW! SUPER impressive collab with MadChild and Swisha T.

First Time Master – Gorgeous song, huge mainstream capability, vocals are haunting and beautiful… Something I’d listen to right after a break up or something and feel absolutely horrible about my life while cruising on a freeway in a haze under the city lights reminiscing on the times, even though it’s about his mother… it’s just the feel it brings to me personally. One of the softer tracks on the album, but absolutely amazing never the less, the acoustic guitar and piano add something HUGE to this song, this song will give you a serious case of the feels. This is a MUST listen to track on this record.

Lie To My Face – “Every rapper wish they had a voice like mine, don’t do it for the money like all the rappers, throw a free show and I’ll rob you after”. This song has some old school Marshall Mathers feeling to it with that new school something. Lots of catchy and fun lines all through the track and even an appearance from a voice that sounds much like Ken from The Shady records himself. A fun track with lots of laughs and scratches to keep your head bobbin.

Long Way 2 Go – AMAZING track, another must listen to on this record. I’m personally a sucker for anything with an acoustic guitar, especially if there are some powerful words on top of it…. This honest track comes from the heart you can absolutely tell. The struggle is real is what this track says… without saying the typical “ I was struggling selling drugs in my moms basement eating Wonderbread micro oven pizzas and now I’m at the top” .. it’s a nice balance of subtly humble while also stating facts of the struggle that have gotten some recognition along the way, but still having a long way to go. Great work out jam, or even just thinking about the future walking down the street on a sunny day when you’re feeling optimistic about the future.

Stay In Your Lane – HUGE song that instantly made me want to start a beef with anyone who looked at me crooked and knock them the fuck out. If you’re in a bad mood and are feeling like a tough guy,  this is the track you’re gonna wanna bump on repeat. Holds a certain D12 feel to it, or very early Marshall Mathers.

Mask ft. Ness Lee – Suicide, such a terrible terrible topic, but this song touches on suicide and depression. Often a hard topic to talk about especially if it’s you thats being talked about. Everyones been there before and thought “ shit, what would it even matter if I wasn’t here anymore?” but most of us get back up and keep trucking in this life, some don’t… And this is a track about that, Charrons brother walking in on him about to swallow some pills saved his life… And thank god he did cause Charron is now alive and on the scene to verbally fuck your ears up with his magical monstrosities of sheer genius lyricism.

All I Do – This one goes out to the unpopular kids that had it rough growing up wanting to be something more, and working their way through the struggles of the everyday life.

East To West ft. Merkules & Snak – Heavy kick in this song, hits right in the chest and I love it. All artists on this track absolutely kill it. A really good hip hop track that leaves you feeling like you’re hanging out with a couple of nut cases.  Love how it touches on the fact that the stuff they say is purely for entertainment and they aren’t really up to malicious acts.

Free My Mind ft. CheddaCheese – A very top 40’s feel to this song with a powerful upbeat piano rhythm to the beat to keep your head bobbin feelin’ like you’re daydreaming on a summers day.

Seems To Me – Another come up track, about the struggle and how he got to the point that he’s at right now. Backed up with some beautiful female melodies, Nice Charles Bronson reference in there which caught my ear, love that story.

Stay in Your lane – Fan of Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP ? This is the track for you, it’ll take you straight back to when you used to sag your pants and flip teachers off blaring Marshall in your room until it pissed your Mom and Dad off and had them screaming and banging on your door saying “TURN THAT SHIT OFF” . This song will give you straight nostalgia of the old days and it’s one of my absolute favourite tracks on the whole album. It’s a fact, we have a new Marshall Mathers on deck here.

charron lied to my face

Written by Steve Jackson – Off of Commission