Dirty Frazier – Featured Quesnel Artist

Dirty Frazier – Featured Quesnel Artist

If you’re a regular than you’ve already had your ear drums set on fire by the British Columbia native Dirty Frazier. During the day Dirty Frazier is a power engineer but once night comes he becomes one of the hardest working rappers in the country. Last March he released a 10 track EP called The Dirty One, which features the banger “This is Dirty”. If we had to compare him to anyone it would have to be fellow Canadian MC, MadChild. That is why you won’t be surprised to hear he has shared the stage with the Swollen Members and of course the Battle Axe general MadChild. “This Is Dirty” is a perfect example of the aggressive flow I am talking about.

Most artists these days use social media to spread their music but some still grind it out on the streets. Dirty Fraizer is one of those who still hands out his music to the people. This is honestly one of the best ways to get your music out personally. You are making a personal connection with someone while you bring them the gift of music. He is a seasoned veteran having handed out over 2200 CD’s. Dirty Fraizer is currently working on a new project that will heat up the summer. While we wait let’s look back to one of his older projects the Hooks  EP.

Dirty Frazier is making moves so that one day he will become a staple in Canadian hip hop. He has been offered a sponsorship by Rude Boy Clothing, opened up for artists like Belly and even had D-12 tell him that his mixtape Another Lesson is “ill”. Dirty Frazier is a beast when it comes to his lyrical skills. His ability to create a song is unlike most upcoming rappers, if you’re a fan of MadChild than you will love Dirty Fraizer’s flow. While we wait for his newest project why not connect with the man himself, Dirty Frazier on social media.

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