Disturbing Subliminal Messages in new Justin Bieber video “Where Are U Now”

Disturbing Subliminal Messages in new Justin Bieber video “Where Are U Now”

We’ve been hearing a lot about the new video from Justin Bieber, Where Are U Now, along with various subliminal messages that are hidden. Most of them are simple art work from his fans, some of them are silly, and some are just creepy. Below we’ve compiled a few subliminal messages that are worth checking out, to see what you might think of them.

Here are 2 screenshots from MTV showing his video with secret message to his ex, Selena Gomez

where are u now selena

selena on wall

Here are a few images we gathered from thump, a division of vice, which has messages about Jesus and the Devil

justin bieber not jesus

Justin bieber devil

Some people might think he is a part of the Illuminati. Here are some images posted on illuminatiwatcher

Justin bieber head shot

justin bieber 9-11

justin bieber help me pls

justin bieber jesus saves

Last but not least, even City News Canada took notice and posted a screenshot of the video with many disturbing messages such as; “kill the poor”, “love the devil” and “hand jobs for God.”

subliminal message justin bieber


In just a little over 2 weeks, the video has garnered over 163 million views. The video itself might look harmless, but once you play it in slow-motion and pause the video, I’m sure you’ll be able to find these messages yourself. What do you think about all this?