Dom Alli – Feelin’ It Ft DuTcH (Featured Toronto Audio)

Dom Alli – Feelin’ It Ft DuTcH (Featured Toronto Audio)

This is the sound of success! Check out Toronto rapper/producer Dom Alli with his brand new single “Feelin’ It” featuring fellow local rapper DuTcH. If you’re feeling good about how everything is going in life, than this is your jam! The track has the sound of triumph and is about celebrating your minor and major successes you’ve had in the recent past. The beat has a “feel-good” vibe and is produced by Dom Alli and DuTcH. The final message for his single is that I’m sure his fans will be “feelin’ it” and let’s toast to our progress and work towards future achievements. Be sure to take a listen below and connect with him today.

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