Drake & Rihanna film music video at “The Real Jerk” in Toronto

Drake & Rihanna film music video at “The Real Jerk” in Toronto

Drake and Rihanna were spotted working outside the Real Jerk restaurant in Riverdale hot on the heels of the release of Work, the track that pays homage to Riri’s Caribbean roots.

The Toronto rapper was seen leaving the restaurant with his mother around midnight before heading into trailers parked across the street at Gerrard Street East and Carlaw Avenue.

Rihanna, wearing a furry pink parka, and Drake were also seen getting into a car outside the restaurant.

The Riverdale restaurant was closed Friday to accommodate the shoot, which lasted all day Friday and into the early morning hours on Saturday, according to Lily Pottinger, who co-owns the restaurant with her husband.

Pottinger, who stayed at her restaurant for the shoot, said they told her the restaurant was a good fit for the video.

“The vibe that we have here, the energy … it was part of the theme with their video,” she said.

She said the coolest moment was when RiRi made her entrance.

Lily Pottinger The Real Jerk

Pottinger said the shoot lasted all day Friday and went into the early morning hours on Saturday. (CBC)

“She came in a long coat and she took it off then she had on her outfit, her video outfit, and that was like ‘OMG,'” said Pottinger.

Pottinger said her phone hasn’t stopped ringing with friends asking her about the shoot.

She added that Drake has visited The Real Jerk many times over the years.

“He’ll just pop up in his car and grab his food and eat, [or] take it out and go,” she said. “So we’re familiar with him coming in.”

She said the venue was decorated to look like it was a club, and some of the dancers were kids from Riverdale.

“He really looks out for his Toronto people,” she said.

Onlookers said fences blocked off the restaurant, but trailers, trucks and lighting equipment could be seen in the parking lot and along the street.

“It was cool that they were doing it there,” said Katherine Laidlaw, who was in the area and happened to snap a photo of Drake and his mom leaving the restaurant.

She added that there were only a handful of people hanging around outside the restaurant at the time.

Drake video The Real Jerk-Feb 5 2016

Drake was spotted leaving the Real Jerk restaurant on Friday around midnight with his mother, Sandi Graham. (Katherine Laidlaw/Instagram)

Earlier this week, hundreds of dancers vied for an opportunity to appear in the stars’ latest collaboration.

Over the weekend, Drake revealed he would release the highly anticipated album Views from the 6 in April.

Source: CTV & CBC