Exclusive: Interview Rich Homie Quan Part 2/2 by Zo Duro

Exclusive: Interview Rich Homie Quan Part 2/2 by Zo Duro

HipHop journalist Zo Duro goes further than skin deep in part two of her interview series with one of the worlds most successful independent rap artist, Rich Homie Quan aka Dequantes Lamar. During this conversation, we find out the differences between Dequantes Lamar, “the family man, the church going person” in Quan’s words, and the entertainer on stage who gets paid to drink. When speaking to Zo, Rich Homie Quan openly speaks about his daily intake of drugs, and Zo takes hold of the conversation to a whole other level to find out exactly who the real Rich Homie Quan is.

“What’s the difference between sober Rich Home Quan and inebriated Rich Homie Quan?” asks Zo Duro. “Are there ever conflicts between Rich Homie Quan and Dequantes Lamar?” continues the conversation.

Watch this bold interview which we have never seen documented on camera before, and find out who Dequantes Lamar rather be at the end of the day: a worldwide celebrity who admits to being high “25/8” on prescription and non prescription drugs, or the “family man, the church going person?”

“Dequantes Lamar has a real personality, Rich Homie Quan is the person you see and the person you all make me to be” – Rich Homie Quan

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“You never know what you’re gonna get” in a Zo Duro interview!