Exclusive Interview with Bandit Bonesz, Talks 6ixwars Feature, His New Mixtape and More

Exclusive Interview with Bandit Bonesz, Talks 6ixwars Feature, His New Mixtape and More

Bandit Bonesz is slowly and steadily making a name for himself in the Toronto rap scene. We chop it up with him to talk about his new mixtape, why he has no choice but to go hard and what he has coming up. Check it out below.

bandit bonesz The Come up

Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from.

I’m from Toronto, born and raised. I’m a youngin’ tryna transition from the streets to music.

Why did you decide to name your new mixtape Unforgettable?

I called the mixtape unforgettable cause that was my way of sending a message that I don’t want to elaborate on but I’m pretty sure anyone who hears it will get it.

What was your favourite song off the mixtape?

Letter to chico… He passed away when I was 17 but he use to tell me to focus on my music. Now that I am, I feel like I had to do that for broski.

What are your biggest accomplishments to date?                  

Personally just being in the transition stage, a lot of people don’t make it this far, and musically knowing that my first mixtape is fire from front to back and having the first music video to be put on 6ixwars.

What’s your next moves? Any new projects or singles?

Next step is learning the music industry more and networking and ya i got 2 mixtapes I’m about to drop back to back “The Come Up” and “The Come Up: Preview” the preview should be out a week from now on tdot leakers and the come up should be out next month.

How do people get in contact with you?

Until I learn more about social media its just insta @banditbonesz and email at 3030bonesz@gmail.com.

Any final words or shout outs?

Shout out CanadianDope for the interview. Shoutout TorontoRappers, Shoutout tdot leakers my mixtape is on both their sites. Shoutout my nigga Chef Beats, Apac, Gds, Upboyz and all the real ones out here doing they thing, stay down till you come up. Check out my SoundCloud at Bandit Bonesz 30z, new videos on the way to. BANDIT SEASON!!

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