Exclusive Interview with Jasmine Denham on CanadianDope.com

Exclusive Interview with Jasmine Denham on CanadianDope.com

Singer-Songwriter Jasmine Denham has been writing music and performing for audiences around the world for over 25 years. She is one of the co-writers for the theme song of the TO 2015 Pan Am Games “Together We Are One” and is the official singer of the French version “Ensemble On Est Immense”. The interview is conducted by KDominique and they discuss her background, credentials and future goals. Check it out below.

Out of 70 submissions for the official song for the Pan Am games, yours was chosen. What went through your mind when you got the news?

I literally think I jumped out of my chair and screamed! I was absolutely blown away. The truth is that I have had songs put on hold for major cuts before but this one was special – to think that our song will be one of the most recognizable songs of the summer and proudly representing the Pan Am Games. I think it’s a game changer.

What was the creative process in writing this song and working with Murray and Bobby?

Working with Bobby and Murray was “meant to be”.  It was one of the easiest writing sessions I’ve ever had, and even more incredible because none of us knew each other or had ever worked together before. Within 20 minutes of meeting each other we fell right into our roles as writers. I think it’s safe to say that we each have strengths that naturally blended together. Murray and Bobby are jamming chords while I sing out melodies, Murray begins to build beats while Bobby and I start brainstorming lyrics, and the process just continues. We all give our input in all areas and together we decide what is best for the song and the message we want to share.

jasmine denham in the studio

What do you feel when you hear Serena Ryder sing the English version of the song you co-wrote?

I love listening to Serena sing our song.  She has the perfect voice for it and is an artist that is so loved. I think because she comes across so genuine.  She’s a perfect fit and I couldn’t be happier.

You have written songs for Kylie Minogue, sang back up for Nelly Furtado and worked a vocal coach with Keisha Chante. How does it feel to have contributed to these artists’ and every other artist you worked with gain success? 

I have reached a place in my career where I am humbled by all of the experiences I’ve had and the amazing people I have worked with. I suppose I had never thought about it as contributing to their successes until now. I always looked at it as great opportunities for me to grow and build my career. It’s cool to look back at it all and feel proud, especially because these artists are all people I admire.

Which mega superstar would you love to collaborate with next?

Wow that’s a tough question!  I think if I were to only pick one it would be Beyonce. She’s a legend and I am blown away by her voice, her style, her energy and her fierceness. She’s always pushing the envelope of creativity and she brings that all the way from the recording studio to the stage. I would love to write a huge Beyonce anthem, it’s a life goal!

Any final words or shout outs?

I definitely want to shout out to the SAC (Songwriter’s Association of Canada), Vince DeGiorgio (Chapter2/Cymba), Don Shipley (TO2015), Caroline Petre (TO2015) and Kai Black (CBC) for believing in our song and making this a reality. It’s not often that songwriters are celebrated for their craft and their vision, and that makes this moment that much more special.

I’d especially like to thank Don Shipley and the whole Panamania family for choosing me to be the official french singer of the song (Ensemble On Est Immense), and to Eva Avila for such a beautiful performance of the Spanish version (Unidos Somo Mas).