Exclusive: Rich Homie Quan interview with Zo Duro

Exclusive: Rich Homie Quan interview with Zo Duro

Atlanta native Dequantes Lamar, aka Rich Homie Quan, sits down with HipHop journalist Zo Duro in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for another intimate and exclusive interview just before they both head to his live performance at Union Sound Hall.

In this interview, Rich Homie Quan openly admits his high level of intoxication which the honesty is something to respect, and the altered behaviour almost impossible to ignore. If the several words he invents throughout the interview (which we call “Quanisms”) aren’t already a dead give away to his impairment, who knows what is.

In this interview, a focus is set on education. We find out what the Rich Gang member thinks of formal education, how he plans to return to school one day. We also have the opportunity to learn what type of programs would be running if the “Rich Homie University” which we see in his “Walk Thru” video (featuring Problem) was an actual establishment.

In addition, Quan speaks on the similarities he has found between corporate people he is now surrounded with in business, and the street people he grew up with. Also revealed, are the exact specifications required of the chart toping independent artist, before he signs any kind of deal with a label.

Today, Atlanta is one of HipHop’s central hubs, and “everybody raps” according to Quan. Watch the full interview to also discover why he thinks he is one of the few from the millions who rap, to have made it out from the streets and been able to become one of today’s most popular figures in rap.

Tied into the interview is live footage from Quan’s Canadian performnce in the Canadian prairies of Manitoba (Thanks Khammy Phantavong from Khammy Photoraphy for the use her camera on stage!).

“You never know what you’re gonna get” in a Zo Duro interview!