Featured Mississauga Artist – Shay-D Kid

Featured Mississauga Artist – Shay-D Kid

Mississauga is the next hot spot for music, next to Toronto. Check out emerging rapper Shay-D Kid, he’s been going hard in 2016 with his music. One of his biggest accomplishments was hitting #1 locally and reached top 20 on Reverbnation’s Hip Hop Charts in Canada. His music has also been picked up by over a dozen small-medium sized hip hop blog sites since his debut single and many more are being added to the list as more releases progress.

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The newest single released is called “Make Money” which features Killah K and works with Syndrome yet again for the production. This is a turn-up track that will appear off his upcoming album called “Debut” which is releasing soon. This is a get money anthem that’s about not letting anyone get in the way between him and his paper. Be sure to check out “Make Money” below.

His most popular release thus far is called “Just Rap” and is produced by Syndrome. It’s currently sitting at an impressive number of 10,000+ views on SoundCloud. This is one of his hardest tracks ever made, from the beat, the lyrics to his flow, he definitely goes in on this one. Stay tuned for more music from Shay-D Kid, you can bet there’s more on it’s way. Don’t forget to stream or download it below.



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