Featured Vancouver Artist: Blak Ace

Featured Vancouver Artist: Blak Ace

If you’ve been paying attention to the rap scene, you’ll know that Blak Ace is one of the hottest rappers coming out of Van City. He’s been on his grind for quite some time and is well-known in the local hip hop, urban and rap culture. One of his most popular release is called “My Passion” and after taking a listen, you’ll know he’s here for the long-run. This track will motivate you to chase your dreams and never give up at all cost. It’s currently sitting at over 60,000+ views which is definitely impressive for any independent artist. Watch “My Passion” below.

Blak Ace has a ton of new material in store; one of his newer tracks released is called “R.O.E.” which is available for stream and will be available for purchase on iTunes on October 18, 2016. This is a follow-up single to his 2015 hit My Passion and there’s no doubt that it’ll make some noise in the West Coast and all across Canada. Stay tuned for the music video which releasing later this month. Be sure to check out the audio version “R.O.E.” for now until the video drops.

If there’s one thing you can say about Blak Ace, it’s that he’s a grinder and he’s highly motivated to make it. He’s been putting in work and performing since 2012 up until now. He’s opened up for E40, 2 Live Crew, Jadakiss and even performed at music festivals. He is definitely someone you should know and stay up to date with. Be sure to follow him on social media to stay connected with the up and coming rapper from Vancouver.