GK Nesso – Featured Toronto Artist

GK Nesso – Featured Toronto Artist

It isn’t hard to be a rapper any more, everyone is in a studio somewhere, anyone can upload a song to SoundCloud and put rapper in their twitter bio, however contrary to that, in relation to the vast amount of attempts, there is a small cluster of artists that can actually create release worthy music. This artist is one of those select few individuals that has a talent for creating quality music that should be shared beyond the walls of some local basement studio. GK Nesso is a monster when it comes to music, but to his people he is just Ryan Walker-Smith. Smith spent most of his life relocating around the city while being raised in a strict, single-parent household by his mother who worked diligently to ensure that the principles of hard work and determination were prominent features in Ryan’s character. Ryan has been around music for the majority of his life, taking piano lessons at a very young age and also taking the leap into hip hop at 13 when he wrote his first rap song.


Like most kids of his generation, he looked up to artists like Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Michael Jackson for musical inspiration. Smith is quoted saying, “The rise of Biggie and Pac was before my time. I caught only their later mainstream hits. 50 cent and Game were the B.I.G and Pac of my era, in my opinion. Those were the two artist who really blew up big from the east and west coast and it made me look deeper into hip hop because I saw them both Rise to the top”. Eating up the different sounds he had around him, he slowly started to develop his own unique musical sound. Over time, Ryan and his boys created a local rap crew, “GoodKidz”, they started off making remixes to mainstream tracks. Realizing his potential, he decided to take music a lot more seriously, this is where GK Nesso was born. Nesso knew it would take money to fuel his dream, so in 2013 he decided to travel west to Alberta and work night in and night out at the oil patch industry. Staking up enough, he came back home to pursue his career in music. With the new funds, Gk Nesso built his own studio and got his own record label, ASNC Records off the ground.

After releasing a number of singles, GK Nesso recently dropped an extremely fire 6-track EP, “Grind Now, Die Later“. It was released about a month ago and has been steadily gaining popularity. The tape has a number of different sounds featured on it, but interestingly enough, Nesso only enlisted the help of one producer, MarcD. In addition to the dope mixtape, he released a short film that features all kinds of dope visuals and dope music.

Since the release of his EP and short film he hasn’t eased up at all, getting back to it making a dope music video for the single off his EP, “Crabs in a Bucket“. There is absolutely no doubt that he has much more in store as this is only the beginning. After listening to a few records from him, you’ll realize that this guy is the real deal. If you haven’t browsed through this guys work, check him out. Keep an eye out for more dope tracks and videos from GK Nesso.