Patrick Carmelo, the producer behind Pride by Kevin Gates [Interview]

Patrick Carmelo, the producer behind Pride by Kevin Gates [Interview]

Patrick Carmelo is one of the hottest producers from Toronto right now. He’s currently working with many of Toronto’s hottest artists. He’s been featured in XXL Magazine and produced the hit single “Pride” by Kevin Gates. We had the chance to chop it up with Patrick Carmelo to discuss how he got started, how he landed his major placement, what he’s up to and what’s next. Check out our interview with one of Canada’s hottest producers below.

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For those that don’t know you. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started.

My name is Patrick Carmelo, I’m a 20 year old producer born and raised in Toronto. I started making beats roughly 2 years ago. I downloaded a trial version of FL Studio, I didn’t know anything about making beats so I started watching tutorials on how to make futuristic trap beats. I still remember when I couldn’t save my beats so I had to download the full version of FL Studio. My boy showed me how to download VSTs and drum packs and I started making hits from there and been improving ever since.

You recently landed a major placement producing Pride for Kevin Gates. That’s huge. How did that come about?

A little while back I got a hold of one of his beat emails through another producer and I started flooding his email with beats. I didn’t even think he would use any but the next day I woke up and checked his Instagram and he posted a video of him with a song he recorded and it was my beat. I decided to try and message him so I sent a video message of a beat that I was working on through Instagram DM’s saying “Aye bro do you want this? Are you ever releasing that track? I’m tryna come work with you.” He hit me back asking me to send it and how he likes my style and would like to work with me. From then on, I just started sending him beats I thought he would like and we resulted in the hit song “Pride” off his album “Islah” which also featured in the XXL Magazine. We also got a few other tracks in the vault.

You’re also producing locally for artists and labels such as OVO/Reps Up, Robin Banks, Top 5, Smoke Dawg, Roney etc. How did you connect with them?

Roney was actually one of the first artists I worked with in Toronto. I messaged him on Twitter saying I make beats and he sent me his contact info, from there I started sending some beats. I will continue doing more work with him when he’s free and back in the studio. As for Robin Banks and Top 5, I heard the track “Hall Of Fame” by Top 5 and Robin Banks and “Up Next” which is also by Robin Banks. I thought their tracks were hype so I hit up Banks on Instagram and ended up reaching his studio. I sent him a bunch of beats and we ended up with “Fly 2 My City” and we have been working together ever since then. A few months ago I got invited to a studio by another Toronto producer and ended up linking up with Reps Up artist Gilla and got a couple tracks recorded with more on the way.

Is there anyone else you’re currently working with?

Yeah I’m working with some artists from Toronto right now such as Archee, French, Pressa, L.O, Top 5, Puffy L’z, Smoke Dawg, my bro Richie Nisto and a couple others as well. I’m also working with artists in the states like BWA. Ron, Kevin Gates of course and some producers such as Nick E Beats, Ramsay Tha Great and of course my brother Hollywood Bangers.

What projects do you have coming up?

I have a lot of unreleased tracks that should be dropping soon with some Toronto artists listed above. I have a few more Kevin Gates tracks and I’m also heading out to L.A. this June to try and link up with some producers and artists to expand my connections. I might even make a couple tracks myself.

Any final words or shout-outs?

I’d like to shout out all my family and friends who’s been with me since day 1. Shouts out to the gang, you know who you are. Much love to the fans and people supporting me and my production. Shout out to IMG/UTM they going crazy right now! Free up all the fam that’s locked up and R.I.P to the people we lost. It’s about to be a crazy year for Toronto! Also make sure to follow me on Instagram @ItsCarmelo and Twitter @PatrickCarmelo and be on the lookout for some more heat!

Patrick Carmelo & Robin Banks