Iram Christ – Featured Toronto Artist

Iram Christ – Featured Toronto Artist

Check out our featured artist from Toronto, he goes by Iram Christ. He is a talented rapper, who’s on a mission to integrate different musical genres and change the game. Iram Christ recently dropped a new music video called “The One” which was filmed in St. Lucia. Once you take a listen to Iram Christ, you’re going to start digging for more. What helps him standout from the crowd is his aggressive flow, he doesn’t sound like every rapper out there; he possesses his own unique style and he doesn’t sacrifice his lyrical skills one bit. Although there’s a countless amount of artists out there, Iram Christ can easily grab your attention. Check out “The One” below and see for yourself.

Iram Christ has been consistently on his grind, producing hit after hit. One of his fan favorites is a music video called “Saviour” featuring well-established R&B artist Darryl Riley. This is a smooth record and it has a radio friendly sound that can appeal to the masses. He takes the video international by shooting it in many locations; from St. Lucia to Jamaica, and Toronto. He can definitely diversify his music into many directions and still make it sound good. Check this out below.

Iram Christ is currently signed to ‘Legendary Entertainment‘ for distribution and publishing. Artists/MCs like him are scarce now-a-days. He is currently working on a new album, which is coming very soon and you can bet that it won’t disappoint one bit. The Toronto rapper has performed at a many shows and various venues. He is known for ripping shows when performing his set at universities, clubs and events in Toronto and New York. He’s always hard at work, looking to make his next move and has a lot more credentials under his belt than most of these rappers. Stay tuned for more music, he’s got more fire coming this way. Check him out by connecting with him below.

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