J -Soul’s “The Heartbreak Kid”, A Long Awaited Project

J -Soul’s “The Heartbreak Kid”, A Long Awaited Project

It’s been over two years since J – Soul released his major hit “Slow Wine”, and fans were waiting on Soul’s newest music which felt like forever.

Luckily last month, J – Soul finally gave listeners his long-awaited project “The Heartbreak Kid”. I may be late on the release of this album, but I must say I like what J – Soul has done on his most recent release. For myself, I’m not too picky as a listener, I usually enjoy the music if it is catchy and is distinctly different than other artists’.

The one song that caught my attention is his track “When I Was Dead”, the last song on his album felt like a song I would listen to on a car ride home from finishing an important meeting or driving away from the people I care about. It is more of a cinematic, alone track that put me in an emotional position.

To continue I did also enjoy “Addicted”.Although it is one of the most popular tracks on the album, J- Soul’s pairing with the acoustic guitar instrumental made the song very appealing. I guess at the moment acoustic guitar instrumental is the trend for hip hop artists, but nonetheless this doesn’t mean you will have an amazing song just for adding this style of music into your track.

Lastly, I wanted to point out the cover art for this project. The concept is very interesting, having the color pairing of red and turquoise while making the style gothic/dark toned. I feel that visual artists do not get enough credit for their work, and the artists who designed this cover art should get more recognition than he deserves.

If you haven’t checked out J – Soul’s “The Heartbreak Kid”, there will be a link below.