James Love X AODAN – Falling In (Featured Toronto Audio)

James Love X AODAN – Falling In (Featured Toronto Audio)

This one is strictly for the ladies, so ladies get in here and prepare to be serenaded and romanced through this very talented young artist’s voice. Coming out of Toronto, 18 year old James Love is doing some big things, teaming up with another resident of the 6, AODAN, to create this R&B soon to be classic, “Falling In“. You can read how good this song is all over the internet but at the end of the day numbers don’t lie, being out for no longer than a day, the song has picked up an upwards of 53,000 streams already and this is just the beginning.

The track, being a romantic confession, has a very smooth and relaxing vibe to it, of course. He is singing, breaking down his hidden desires to his female companion, vowing that he is trying to “turn me into us” and apologizing for falling in love. The way the song vibes and he sings it sounds as if he has fallen for someone he can’t have; that love that builds up within someone that can’t be expressed for whatever reason. This song will play on your emotions, ladies will instantly fall in love with James Love’s voice and for those males who mess with it, it will have them reminiscing to when they longed for someone they knew they weren’t allowed to have or those old school crushes that are still in the back of their minds. Speaking frankly, but this is an extremely real track that everyone can get behind, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll hear this in radio rotation. Check out the track below and definitely keep an eye out for the young romantic, James Love.