Jaxs – Featured Scarborough Artist

Jaxs – Featured Scarborough Artist

Jaxs is an up and coming rapper hailing from Scarborough. Check out his new video “Basic” which is off his recent mixtape called This That Jupiter. If you’re a boss and you’re living the boss life, this track is for you. This track is for anyone who isn’t willing to settle for the average; making sure you’re women isn’t average, money isn’t average and you’re swag isn’t average. Check out “Basic” below”

If you know about Jaxs, you’ll know he’s been consistently working. Heat Rock was another fire single released off his mixtape This That Jupiter. It’s a catchy single about always staying on the grind and bringing that fire with anything you’re doing. He’s currently working on his new project called “Remixtape Vol. 2” which is on it’s way. Check out the blazing music video for “Heat Rock” below.

Another fan favorite video is “Tekk Diss” and this one will show you that he can go hard and destroy any instrumental. Not only can he go hard, he has a unique flow and swag that will help him stand out in a city with literally thousands of rappers. Once you hear him drop his first line, you’ll know that it’s Jaxs. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open, you can bet there’s more coming this way. He has a ton of new videos and projects that are set to be released in 2017. Check out “Tekk Diss” below.