Jeremy Zucker – More Noise Tour @ The Danforth Music Hall

With the release of his most recent studio album “Crusher”, Jeremy Zucker hit the road for his “More Noise” tour, starting in Portland and finishing in Washington. Bringing along opening acts from Valleyboys and Babygirl, the crowd was getting riled up for the big performance of the night.

As the lights dimmed, we heard the beginning of “we’re f****d, it’s fine”, as Jeremy made his way on stage to a sea of cell phone lights and screams from the sold out crowd. Making his long awaited return to Toronto after shooting his promo video for “comethru” back in 2018 amassing 401M views, Jeremy had the crowd singing every single word. Jeremy’s ability to keep the crowd engaged with slow, acoustic songs such as “Scared” and upbeat tracks such as “supercuts” was truly an amazing feeling, as the crowd’s energy was always felt as one.

The night concluded with an ovation of screaming, clapping, and cheering as he left the stage. The crowd, still very energetic and ready for another song continued to chant “one more song! one more song!” for the next 3 minutes as they glared upon the empty stage. When all hope felt lost, Jeremy and his crew sprinted back on stage as the lights began to light up, and played his hit “Talk Is Overrated” as his encore. The true excitement and passion in the eyes of the crowd as he hit the stage again was truly a special moment for not only his fans, but concert lovers as a whole. Closing off this last time, he got yet another ovation from the crowd as he left his mark for the “More Noise” tour in Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall.

Review & Photos by Trevor Chau for