Jutes – Cocaine Cinderella (World Premiere Video)

Jutes – Cocaine Cinderella (World Premiere Video)

This is an exclusive world premiere! Toronto hip-hop artist Jutes has released his sultry new video for “Cocaine Cinderella.” The new single, which invites listeners into the mind of a guy having serious love withdrawals, sets the tone for his Much Love EP. The album will be released February 12, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The post-grunge Cocaine Cinderella blends brutally honest lyrics and a mainstream aesthetic. The upbeat, sing-along chorus contrasts with verses that drip with bitterness, regret, and hopeful longing. According to Jutes, the inspiration for Cocaine Cinderella came from the title of Johnny Cash’s hit Cocaine Carolina.

I really liked the idea of combining light and dark. The drug reference is a metaphor for the addictive nature of love. In this song, the heart wants to experience the high that comes with being in love – even though the mind fully knows that the relationship is over.” – Jutes

Jutes is considered part of Toronto’s “new school” of genre-blending hip-hop artists. A talented rapper with a knack for melody and catchy hooks, Jutes experiments with sounds that reference Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind, and Kid Cudi. His goal is to create music that is unique without having to put a label on it. This single is creatively put together, from his lyricism, to production, to the video, everything came out top notch. If you’re looking to discover a unique, talented and dope new artist, Jutes is definitely someone we recommend. Check it out below.

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