Kody Cove – 32/23 (Featured Toronto Album)

Kody Cove – 32/23 (Featured Toronto Album)

If your one of those nostalgic golden era of hip hop enthusiasts Kody Cove is definitely the definition of it. The Brampton born artist offers up a solid project by the name of32/23 the mixalbum. The Tape gets off to an explosive start with the intro track “Blow Minds“, which does exactly what the title infers. With a multi-syllabic flow and hunger in his voice, accompanied by a J-Dilla beat; Kody Cove makes what would be difficult for most artists seem effortless.

Not only is he a good rapper, Kody Cove shows his range as an artist by full out singing on “Dear Beautiful“. A dope, well written 90’s R&B track showcasing great vocal control. Without the use of auto-tune at that is high commendable in this generation.

32/23 is a project that definitely deserves a listen. It has it all , from lyrics, to unquestionably dope production from the legendary J-Dilla (RIP Dilla). Mixed with some brushes smooth R&B and vocal skills. This project easily relates to the average person ranging from topics of love and the everyday struggles of life. This project without a doubt will have you involuntarily bobbing your head by the end of it. Check out Kody Cove’s Mixalbum 32/23 and connect with him today!



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