Kofi Releases Hot New Single “Imy”

Scarborough’s Kofi releases his hot new single titled “Imy”. In this track, he brings his signature fast paced verses with a smooth melodic chorus.

I found Kofi last year when I stumbled across his debut album “Hold Me Down” where his unique flow and catchy choruses instantly caught my attention. Stand-out songs on that include “Wes End Shordie” featuring Kama, “Check on Me” and “Out the Way” featuring fellow Canadian artist Pressa. Recently, Kofi performed at Western University alongside big names including A Boogie Wit A Hoodie and A$AP Rocky, who unfortunately couldn’t make it to perform.

I can assure that if you’ve never listened to Kofi’s music, his new single “Imy” or the listed songs from his debut album “Hold Me Down” will definitely make you a fan, as they really display the 21 year old’s talent.