Krewz – Featured Vancouver Artist

Krewz – Featured Vancouver Artist

Krewz is an up and coming rapper and pop singer from Vancouver. Not only can he make music, Krewz can also write and produce his own instrumentals. Since the start of his career, he’s been on the grind releasing new music consistently. One of his biggest singles to date is “Be My Girl” which helped get his career started and put his name on the map.

Krewz is usually known for making party tracks and music for the women. His sound has a mainstream appeal to the general public. Although his music usually has a radio-sound, he can also go hard on his tracks. His recent single is “On Blast” and is a diss track to one of his haters always to put his name in their mouth. Krewz can take you by surprise and go into beast mode; and aggressively destroy a hater on his track. Check out “On Blast” below.

From the beginning of his career, Krewz has won the hearts of many fans locally and across the country from relating to his music. He’s performed at various venues, made dozens of appearances and released new singles since the start. He’s an inspiration and role model to all up and coming artists and to all his young fans. Krewz is more than a name; it’s a philosophy that success is born of the collaborative efforts of many. In order to “krewz to success”, it is imperative to have a healthy respect for all the individuals who inspire and support musical creativity. Krewz is always working and looking to progress with his music. He is now attending Nimbus School of Recording and Media in order to advance his production skills and gain an overall better understanding of the music industry. Hard working and determined to make his mark, Krewz is well on his way to future success.

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