Kwame Dolo – Featured Saskatoon Artist

Kwame Dolo – Featured Saskatoon Artist

If you think that Toronto and Vancouver are the only places in Canada putting out MC’s than you are greatly mistaken. Kwame Dolo is holding it down for Saskatoon, the city not usually known for hot hip hop tracks. His career started when he debuted his mixtape “Western Development” in 2014. The well-received project caught the attention of Pimpton, of the CJE Squad (affiliated with MadChild/Battle Axe) and was shortly recruited to his team afterwards. Stay tuned for the Western Development 2, which is coming soon.

His latest banger “Layup” is a bass heavy track about how all he wants to do is lay up” with his girl. He name drops some of his favourite artist’s in this track like Lil Wayne and Twista. For the chorus he uses the help of auto tune to deliver a very melodic/catchy hook. This is a smooth banger that has the potential to appeal to the general public. With the help of Komo Beats and Hindz Sight on the cam, the team created a dope product overall. Check it out below.

Kwame Dolo has huge sights for 2016, with a target on more international regions.. He has been delivering back to back visuals that have been reaching all the right mediums and markets, and is making himself a house hold name in his local area. The rest of Canada is next and taking it worldwide will follow. Hands down he is the artist to pay attention too in 2016.

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kwame dolo