Madchild – Tom Cruise (Music Video)

Madchild – Tom Cruise (Music Video)

Vancouver BC – This video starts off with a great Original Nintendo style intro, who doesn’t love the original Nintendo?… So that right there just makes you feel like this video’s gonna be a good one”. Is it just me though, or does anyone else get an urge to smoke a cigarette every single time Madchild releases a video? Half because you wanna sit back and chill , and half because he just makes smoking look so damn good? Madchild back with a new single off his record “Switched On” , I got to do the album review for Canadian Dope for that record and this song was one of my “recommended tracks” off that record… Why? It’s different for Madchild, not quite as dark as most of the rest of the record, it’s a fun song, with fun lyrics. It’s also a fun video reminding you on the old days… How about making face tattoos feel like they’re a good idea? … Well, at least he can pull it off and still look hard as hell.

I love the story to this track… He’s staying on point, staying on track and doing the best he possibly can now, and I have to say that this powerhouse is KILLING it again. I’ll say it once more that this album is spectacular start to finish and I highly suggest if you’re a fan of real rap, that you check it out, twice.

Even though it’s an amusing video with entertaining lyrics, a piece of me is left feeling bad all of the shit that Madchild put himself through that he explains he’s battling to improve on throughout this track and the entire record.

Check this video out and get transported straight back to the mid 80’s ( Isn’t that where everyone wants to be?… just me?)

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Written by Steve Jackson – Off Of Commission