Meezy Musik – Rvse of the Fxllen (Featured Album)

Meezy Musik – Rvse of the Fxllen (Featured Album)

Meezy Musik is an artist that will never fail to come through on his tapes, and come through he did. Originally set to be released on June 3rd, ATCMG artist Meezy Musik’s “Rvse of the Fxllen” was released to grace the streets on June 12, in order for it to match up with his first tour date, which just so happened to be in his home town of Toronto. In an exclusive Interview with Canadian Dope, Meezy unveiled the meaning to the title Rvse of the Fxllen, exclaiming that the album, “takes you through my personal trials, my journey and my hurts but it also brings you to that point where God gave me the grace and strength to triumphantly rise“, meaning that no matter how far he had fallen or came close to succumbing to defeat, God was able to lift him out of his rut and bring him to a place in life that he could build from positively.

From a musical standpoint, going through Meezy Musik’s album you’ll be hit with a variety of different beats and sounds, varying from a reggae sound, on “You Will See” featuring vocals from Harmony Pike, jumping to trap sounds on, “Test Me (Ready)” and “RVSE” featuring Juliet O, and of course more relaxed R&B sounds on tracks like, “2 Late” featuring Miguel vocals, and “Fxllen” which actually has Meezy going back and forth between rapping and singing. The collection of sounds is brought together by a handful of different producers; Deondre Dover (El Shadi), Jonathan Bailey (J. Beats) and Quinten Coblentz (Q-Pon), also mixed and mastered by the Reservoir Studios team. Those who follow Meezy know what he is all about, but those just joining the wave, need to know that despite the trap sounds, the message you will receive from listening to Meezy is strictly positive as he glorifies his trials and tribulations but also how God was able to change his life for the better.

The album is solid and definitely worth listening to and downloading. His tape is something that by any means should not be looked over. Check out his album below, and also show Meezy Musik some love on his Tour.