MinaCci Interview with CanadianDope.com

MinaCci Interview with CanadianDope.com

Check out MinaCci, he’s one of the hardest rappers coming out of Brampton right now. He’s consistently dropping new music and has always been on his grind. His recent music video “Paperboy” was just featured on WSHH last week. He’s worked with major artists and producers such as Young Buck and Needlz and the list will continue to grow from here. We had a moment and chopped it up with MinaCci himself, we discussed various topics such as his movement, how he got into music, his influences and accomplishments. He is definitely an artist you need to watch for, his buzz only gets bigger from here. Before you check out his interview, we would like to introduce you his video we recently premiered; if you haven’t seen it yet.

Tell us about yourself, where you’re from and the BlakCode ENT movement.

My names MinaCci, I’m a artist, engineer and song writer. I’m from McHardy Court a more rough side of Brampton, I’ve spent 14 years of my life there so I’m always back and forth. BlakCode ENT is a label. It consitsts of me, Nappa Napz, Haze, Rust & JusOne. Not to mention our street team, to me it’s more of a family. My managers are my big bros. They raised me and seen me at my highs and lows since a teenager and stuck with my bullshit so I love them for that. We built everything from the ground up.

How did you get into hip hop and start making music?

I actually starting off singing as a child. Me, my older brother and sister use to win talent shows together singing Boyz 2 Men, that carried along to just before my teenage years, so I’ve always been into music. My dad and uncle use to DJ so I was brought up listening to the early 80’s early 90’s scene; from hip-hop, funk and R&B.

I started making my own music at 16 when I moved into my cousins house. My surroundings and the things around me in life influenced me to start writing poetry, instead of writing poems I put my pain into music. All we had was a dollar store microphone and a computer.

What are your biggest accomplishments so far?

To me, my biggest accomplishment was working with Young Buck a few years back. Hes always been one of my favourite artists since a kid. Super Producer “Needlz” produced the record which is also one of my favourite producers, we’ve been working together ever since. I got a lot of heavy hitters on my upcoming project, so the rest you gotta wait and see!

Who has been an influence in your hip hop career?

My moms, pops and my family, what am I without that. All my friends who passed away, my team, my squad and the people who go out and pay for everything I drop. I appreciate each and every single one of my supporters out there.

What artists do you currently listen to?

I literally listen to everything from 2008 and before. I try to stay in touch with what built me as a artist, although I keep my ears open to everything.
I like listening to Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Freddie Gibbs and the list goes on.

You recently dropped Mass Destruction EP, what is your favorite track off the album?

My favourite track off the album has to be “Another Statistic “. I’m the type of artist that likes to send a message and shed light on some areas in life.

minacci mass destruction

What are your goals for 2016?

My goal for 2016 is to start touring the States, drop my full length album sometime this summer and keep growing as an artist. I just want to be successful.

Any final words or shout out?

Shout out to Chris Anderson my main engineer and the sound behind everything I release. Every producer I’ve worked with on my Mass Destruction EP. My GrindBoy Family, LFF Mafia, and last but not least Canadian Dope for always showing that love. Thank You.