Motivated Beatz Interview with

Motivated Beatz Interview with

There are many Canadian artists blowing up in the scene right now. For that to be possible, we must give some credit to the producers as well. We had a chance to chop it up with Motivated Beatz, the producer behind Robin Banks hit single “Up Next” which has been featured on MTV, DJ Akademiks and more. We get a little in-depth with him, so you can find out more of his background and what he’s been up to. Check it out below.

1. For those that don’t know you, tell us a little about yourself.

Well my name is Motivated Beatz, I’m a 21 year old producer. I’ve been making beats on and off for about 2 years and a half. I was born and raised in Toronto and moved to Boston when I was 17. When I moved out here, I didn’t really make too many friends so I stayed home on the computer all day, started watching a lot of videos on YouTube where I came across on how to make a trap beat. It was history ever since.

2. Robin Banks is one of the hottest rappers in Toronto. How did you link up with him?

One of my homies from his hood showed me his music a little while ago. After he got locked up (Free Mr. 5 Cuts), I did my own research on Robin Banks and found his Twitter. We communicated for a while and then we ended up with our first hit which was “Up Next”.

3. Are there any other Canadian artists you’re working with?

I’m working with a few right now such as Pressa and the BFR movement. I got some music with IMG Stacks and Young Grove coming soon. L.O got a few bangers with me in the stash. I’m just tryna keep working as much as possible.

4. Tell us about some upcoming projects you got going.

I plan on releasing a mixtape with a bunch of unreleased songs all produced or co-produced by me. Look out for that in the near future.

5. How do you feel about the Somali-Canadian rap movement?

Well being Somali myself, I feel honored to be apart of it. Not only apart of but one of the first Somali producer to start this. I believe if it wasn’t for myself and Banks, none of this would be happening right now.

6. Any final word or shoutout?

S/O the IMG/UTM Empire. S/O my homie L.O another up and coming rapper out the city. Free all my homies locked and rest in peace to the guys we lost. 2016 is going to be a crazy year for Toronto I promise!

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