P8e – Got Me Lifted Ft JD Era/Know That (Featured Toronto Music)

P8e – Got Me Lifted Ft JD Era/Know That (Featured Toronto Music)

Get your lighters out for this one! Check out Toronto hip hop artist P8e with the release of his two new singles. The first track is called Got Me Lifted and it features one of Canada’s most prominent artists JD Era and his second single is a music video for Know That. The two tracks are both produced and mixed by P8e himself and mastered by Dan Weston of Black Box Records.

The first audio presented is Got Me Lifted and this is the new smokers anthem. This is a the perfect track to blaze to with it’s dreamy sound and is released just in time to celebrate for 420. The track is about puffing on that kush, getting high and feeling lifted. The two artists are a dope combination that will make you want to get some kush and crank to this!

The second single is his music video called “Know That“. Listening to P8e, you know his loves his medication and isn’t shy about it. The track is a continuation to his 420 feature and showcases a trippy spaced out music video. After you’re done this, he’ll get you wanting to light up another one. Be sure to check it out and connect with him today!


WEBSITE: www.p8emusic.com