Sosa – Featured Toronto Artist

Sosa – Featured Toronto Artist

Meet Sosa, a 20 year old hip hop artist and producer from downtown Toronto. Although he’s up and coming, his music has been making noise since emerging into the scene. His style and sound isn’t like you’re typical artist from the city, he has that new-wave sound of raw sounding, underground beats.

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Flexico City is one of his biggest hits to date and reflects of the music of music he produces. It’s a fire track about where he’s from, letting us know that it’s the city where people flex and grind. This track solidifies the sound and style he’s coming with and shows no signs of slowing down. Check out his hit single “Flexico City” below.

After his successful release of Flexico City, he’s been coming back with new material consistently. He releases Black Velvet & Late Night which both attracted attention with a pretty solid buzz. Black Velvet is sitting at almost 20,000 views within 5 months and Late Night is at almost 10,000 views within 3 months. He definitely has impressive numbers for an up and coming artist which most wish they say they could have. If you’re feeling his music, it’s also available for a free download. Be sure to stream his music below and connect with him via social media.



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