Stunt Taylor – Featured Chicago Artist

Stunt Taylor – Featured Chicago Artist

Unless you’ve been under some Amish rock somewhere or in solitary confinement for the past couple years, you know that there is some serious serious heat coming out of Chicago. There were the first wave of artists to hit the mainstream like Chief Keef, Lil Reese, Lil Durk and so on, but now the initial blaze is starting to cool down and more dope and extremely talented artists are coming out of the woodwork. This dude right here has strategically been making major moves in order for his name to be up in the Chicago Hip Hop rafters as well. Coming out of West Side Chicago, rapper Stunt Taylor also known as Flee Amigo has really been putting in work from releasing fire tracks to dropping quality music videos, he’s come up from just local stardom to making waves across the border. Stunt Taylor has always had music as an influence in his life, from watching his cousins rap to heavily taking in rappers like Biggie and Jeezy. Despite his love for music, music wasn’t his first love, interestingly enough before Stunt Taylor, there was highly ranked football player Kyle Taylor. He was putting in serious work on the field and eventually landed himself as scholarship to play ball, however after falling victim to some unfortunate street mess, he was physically unable to play that game anymore. Here’s why you need to salute Stunt Taylor; instead of succumbing to the nonsense he found himself another way to make it and that was through music. His music is a reflection of the hunger that he has for success, and after taking in some of his music, you’ll hear it.

Every artist has that one song that really takes them to the next level, and for Taylor that was “Fe Fe On The Block“. The track was released over two years ago on SoundCloud and was a single off of his EP, which shares the same name as the track. The EP was released on iTunes on August 19th of last year. The song immediately blew up, which inspired Stunt Taylor to put together an extremely lively music video, which has reached over 4 million views. After recognizing the market and the potential he had to blow up, he immediately got back to work creating his first mixtape, “StuntNOnTurbo” which hit the streets at the beginning of this year. He continued putting his animal like ambition towards the studio creating more fire tracks and eventually a second mixtape, “StuntTaylorHits” which featured new tracks and older tracks that did not seek the attention it should have.

He has recently picked up a lot more steam, releasing 4 dope tracks last month and now linking up with another Chicago native Cago Leek on his brand new track, which was released a day ago, “Knew That“. The track has the same energy as “Fe Fe On The Block” and comes off as a definite turn up track. They got the extremely lively instrumental from SkeezyBeats. He hasn’t stopped there, he has since released a dope new music video for his single, “PN” which was initially featured on his first mixtape.

Based off watching this music video compared to his earlier work you can tell that he is gradually stepping his game up. Just know that there is a lot more in store from Stunt Taylor and although he has been putting in work for a while now, this is still just the beginning. Check out the dope new work by Stunt Taylor but also look back and get a better take on his older records and music videos.



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