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6IX RISING: Toronto’s Rap Ascendence (Full Length Documentary)

It’s no secret Toronto has recently placed itself amongst North America’s most buzzworthy music cities due to the blockbuster ascents of Drake and the Weeknd. But that attention has also turned the city’s local rap scene into a hyper-competitive, prolific, and highly creative environment where young artists are fighting for attention on the world stage. Noisey’s latest documentary feature is set in the middle of this vibrant scene, to profile some of its most exciting artists who are potentially on the cusp of international success. Featuring Big Lean, CMDWN, Friyie, Jazz Cartier, Pressa and Prime Boys.

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Vlad TV Interview: Pressa – If Someone Took My Chain it Would Kill My Career Part 6

Toronto rapper Pressa sat down with DJ Vlad to speak about his growing fame and the importance of moving out of his city. “I’m pretty sure Drake or any other rapper – Future – can’t just go to a random shisha bar and just chill. Somebody would try to rob them or kill them for their jewelry, that’s just how it goes,” says the rapper after being asked if he moves differently. He alludes to knowing how to move in his city and declares that if you have to worry about your life than you shouldn’t be in an area like that. He then goes on to discuss moving his mom out of his old neighborhood.

Because of the inherent issues in his neighborhood, he speaks about how an average person can lose their life. The pressures of fame make something like someone stealing his chain could ruin his rap career.

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Vlad TV Interview: Pressa on Linking with Drake, 1st Show Ever was Opening for Drake on His Tour Part 5

In this clip, Pressa discussed how he was able to meet Drake and how he ended up on tour with him. Pressa starts off by talking about his relationship with Niko of OVO who he says he stays in contact with and constantly sends new music to. Pressa revealed that he was finally able to meet Drake during a run in the UK where he went for networking and exposure purposes.

When he linked up with Drake at a club in the UK, Pressa said he was offered the opportunity to join the tour. He then disclosed that his inaugural performance on tour was actually his first performance ever. Pressa talked about the adrenaline rush he felt performing in front of such a large audience but he glowingly expressed how much he enjoys the attention. But during his first couple performances, Pressa broke some production rules in terms of utilizing parts of the stage he was unauthorized to use. In fact, it was the same portion of the stage that Travis Scott fell through which caused the entire show to be canceled and prompted Drake to refund the fans their money.

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VLAD TV Interview: Pressa on “Deadmihana” Inspired by the Chicago Rappers Saying “Dead Opps” Part 4

In this clip, Pressa discussed dropping Deadmihanna and gives insight to the term’s meaning. According to Pressa, it was influenced by the Chicago drill scene which was hot at the time and Pressa decided to put his own spin on their phrase of smoking “dead opps.” Pressa also went in depth regarding his journey toward making rap a full-time career. He detailed how he made money through the distribution platform, TuneCore. Pressa said he would see small amounts of money at the beginning but his breakthrough came when he got a check worth $10K which spurred his career forward. He later talked about how his move toward a legitimate career has garnered him much praise from fans, family, teachers, social workers, and even former correctional officers.

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VLAD TV Interview: Pressa Talks Going on the Run for Attempted Murder Part 3

In this clip, Pressa gives a background of his extensive criminal history as well as that of his father and brother. Pressa goes in depth about selling drugs from his mom’s house and eventually having that house raided by police. He talks about how his criminal background includes a conviction of organized crime, a charge of attempted murder, and drug distribution. Pressa actually went on the run over the attempted murder charge but was eventually caught and served 10 months before the charge was dropped. According to him, he didn’t even stress the possibility of a conviction because he was confident in his innocence. Pressa also took time to reveal that his name is an homage to his father, who was also heavy in the streets and aptly named, Prestige.