Tiffany Ponce – Featured Winnipeg Artist

Tiffany Ponce – Featured Winnipeg Artist

Anyone who counted Winnipeg out or ever doubted the talent coming out of there is in for a surprise. Representing the 204 in a big way, Tiffany Ponce is one of the hardest working and more talented artists coming out of Winnipeg. A lot of artists rise in stardom and leave their city and eventually become so large they become to big for their own city or they just aren’t recognized by their city but Ponce is not one of those artists; with her talent and her work ethic she has become one of the most admired artists in the city. She has an amazing voice, primarily dropping R&B and Pop records. Ponce was inspired by a number of different artists, including  Janet Jackson, TLC, Tamia and Boyz II Men, which explains why she aims to create a late 80’s – early 90’s sound in her records. Not new to this music thing, Ponce released a freshman EP in 2012, “Only The Beginning“.

For a début project, the EP hit the streets with a bang; with two sold out CD release shows, in which her talent was showcased showing people exactly why it was ONLY the beginning. A few of the songs are available for stream on Soundcloud, but in order to listen to the whole body of work, it is available to be downloaded on iTunes or if you’re interested in a hard copy, you can purchase one here. Since the release of her EP in 2012, Ponce has been perfecting her craft, making sure she had her sound on point and ensuring she was a force to be reckoned with.


Recently she has been working on a new project, something that will be sure to take the music industry by storm. Released on August 7th, her sophomore album, “Gratitude”, is a result of not only her passion and love for music, but also the dedication and focus she reconnected with while writing for it.


Gratitude features 11 extremely high quality tracks that will not disappoint her already loyal fans, and be sure to capture many many more. It features several different sounds, ranging from slow R&B to new age Pop then back to that late 80’s early 90’s sound that she likes so much. She is not a selfish artist either, which is why she spreads the love with several features, including Los Angeles based Crystle Lightning of hip hop duo LightningCloud, Winnipeg’s Lyrical Militant and Desi Ma, and Houston resident and also a former Mouseketeer and member of ’90s pop group The Party Damon Pampolina.

Her album has already grabbed the attention of many, with a few of the tracks, “Sweet Surprise”, “Free”, “Superladies”, “Love The Rain”, and “Wish List” on regular rotation on Winnipeg urban station Rhythm 104.7 FM.  Her first EP was huge but this new album is going to be crazy, with an amazing line up of producers and features, it is sure to be huge. For any information or booking, be sure to email her team at, Check out the lovely Tiffany Ponce and keep an eye out for much more dope singles and projects from her.