Top 15 Rappers From Vancouver And Area To Watch For In 2016

Top 15 Rappers From Vancouver And Area To Watch For In 2016

This is our list of the best rappers from the Vancouver and surrounding area. There were a couple factors we took into consideration to compile this; we measured their buzz, their credentials, consistency and quality of music. This is a non-biased list to ensure this article is promoting the best artists from the area. This list is in no particular order, check out the “Top 15 Rappers” who made this list.


If you’re looking for talent and great music, look no further. Swisslizz is a producer and recording artist that is on that new wave. He is known for catchy sound and hooks, incorporating his rap and singing talents into his music. He recently dropped a project called “Tales from 25” and its dope from the start to finish. More than half the records are produced by himself, it definitely shows you his versatility in music. Check it out below.

Evil Ebenezer

Evil Ebenezer is an underground veteran in the West Coast hip hop scene. He’s known for making raw hip hop music and consistently putting out new material over the past few years. In October 2015, he dropped an album called “All That’s Left” and the sound is full of lush soundscapes; filled with nostalgia, hope, loss and pain. His new music video “Get Mine” is a perfect example of the kind of music he creates and is off his recent project. Check it out.

Tre Nyce

Tre Nyce has been in this game for a minute. He broke into the scene with his guest verse on the Swollen Members smash single “Warriors” which came out in 2009. Ever since, he’s been grinding non-stop, working with many artists such as; Tech N9NE, Glasses Malone, and La Coka Nostra and more. Stay tuned for new music from Tre Nyce, there’s a reason why he calls himself “The King Of The V”.


Everybody knows Raeliss is dope, especially if you’re from Vancouver. He started making noise after working with Young Money artist Cory Gunz on “OK” which came out in 2014. Ever since, he’s been hard at work and recently linked up with 2506 Sound to work on his recent mixtape. It was just released a little over a week ago and each track is sitting at roughly 9,000 views. The Vancouver recording artist definitely has a nice buzz going right now. Check out his project below.


This duo consists of artist Jay Worthy and producer Sean House and they call themselves LNDN DRGS. The West Coast duo has been gaining a lot of attention in 2015, premiering their music videos with Noisey, a division of VICE and Stereogum. Their music isn’t like any other artist on this list, their sound is like a West Coast Funk with a new school twist. They’ve worked with many well-known artists under the border from: A$AP Yams, YG Hootie, Mitchy Slick, Krayzie Bone, AD and more. LNDN DRGS is paving way into their own lane, making music for their core fan base, which is definitely strong out in the West Coast.

Prada West

Prada West has been putting in work for 2015, his grind didn’t go unnoticed. That year, he dropped a handful of videos, over a dozen singles, and performed at numerous events. His average videos are hitting 20,000+ to 90,000+ views each. Prada West also released an EP album on October 7th, 2015 called “Hydro Dreams” and is available for sale online. He definitely has the work ethic artists need and not to mention, his buzz is quite impressive. Check out “One Time” released in 2015 and is sitting at over 90,000+ views.

Billionaire B

Although he was born in Detroit, Billionaire B currently resides in Vancouver. He is also one of the major players in the West Coast music scene. Through his American connections, he’s worked with plenty of major artists such as; The Weeknd, Willie Taylor of Day26, Fetty Wap and more. Billionaire B is verified on Twitter with over 45,000 followers and every time he releases a new single, he’s featured on 100+ blog sites, his PR game is just insane. He’s currently working on his highly anticipated mixtape “Prestige The Trilogy” which is hitting the streets real soon.

Alpha Omega

Swollen Members very own Prevail and his blood cousin Neph consists of this newly formed duo, Alpha Omega. They are fresh off their Canada wide tour which just ended in mid-December. They’ve ended 2015 as a great year, after dropping their album “Concept EP” and doing over a dozen shows. Let’s hope they come up with new material for 2016. If you haven’t heard their music yet, check out this single Toxic Avengers.


When it comes to rap, Merkules is a beast! He has ties with most of the major artists in the West Coast and has collaborated with Mobb Deep, Hopsin, Obie Trice and more. His music doesn’t follow what’s trending today, he makes raw, lyrical hip hop music that only real hip hop fans will appreciate. He’s consistently working, he definitely has a nice buzz and he’s one artist you need to watch for in 2016.

Terell Safadi

Terell Safadi has been putting in serious work over these past few years making a name for himself. It all started with his first breakthrough single “Black Red Yellow” which gained him a regional buzz when the Vancouver Canucks used it as their anthem. Since then, he’s been supporting major artists on tours from the likes of BTNH, D12, Swollen Members, Onyx and more. He’s performed in Europe, across Canada and countless shows locally in Vancouver. Check him out below.


With numerous Canadian Tours under his belt, millions of youtube views, a rapidly growing fan base, and his brand new Album, Caspian is a artist to look out for in 2016. Caspian makes music for the hustlers, his raps are raw, it’s aggressive and he’s got the streets on lock. Caspian is also the head spokesperson for Canadian street wear giant, Ephin Apparel, which is one of most recognized clothing brands in Canadian hip hop. Check out his newest video “Whip It” below.


Brevner is a Juno and MMVA Nominated artist and producer, and the creative director for #bsharp productions. Ever since the release of his debut album in 2009, his music has aired on the radio, he’s performed at a countless amount of shows making his name one of the most recognized in the West Coast hip hop scene. His music video “Waterloo” has over 200,000+ views since November of 2015. He is definitely someone you need to keep your eye on.

Snak The Ripper

Snak The Ripper has came a long way these past 5 years. He went from “a rapper trying to make it” to one of the leading artists in the West Coast. He’s a big inspiration to a lot of aspiring artist and has a massive following. Snak The Ripper is one artist you can’t under estimate, not only can he spit raw hip hop music, he can also hold it down when it comes to a battle. A notable highlight for him in 2015 was going head to head against MadChild and he didn’t hold back. It generated over 800,000 views in approximately 3 months.


SonReal is a Juno and MMVA nominated artist with a loyal and growing fan base. SonReal’s success took shape online when several of his music videos racked up over a few hundred thousand of views on YouTube and was able to maintain his buzz with a number of mix tapes over the years. SonReal has performed all over Canada and performed over 50 dates in the US. His music videos are sitting at 300,000 to 2,000,000 plus views. He’s also toured across Canada and performed in the US with over 50 dates. SonReal is definitely one of the most accomplished artists in Canada.


MadChild is probably the most hated and most respected rapper from Vancouver. At the end of the day, he’s on his grind and making more money than 95% of these Canadian rappers. He’s always hard at work, touring consistently throughout the year, selling features, merchandise and even membership to his exclusive Bax War club. At the end of the day, you can’t knock his hustle and his drive to succeed. He is definitely a veteran in the Canadian hip hop scene as a whole and not just in Vancouver. You can support him by purchasing his latest album “Silver Tongue Devil” available on iTunes.