Top 8 Toronto and GTA Street Rappers

Top 8 Toronto and GTA Street Rappers

The hip hop scene is in Toronto right now is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. It’s like everywhere you turn you hear another new artist with incredible talent. Finally Toronto is getting its spot light as a “hip hop hotbed”. But no hip hop scene would be complete without some trap/street rappers who are helping to hold it down. To help you distinguish the good from the bad here is the list of the top 8 Street Rappers from Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area that you need to know. This list is in no particular order, we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Robin Banks:

For only rapping since 2014 the Toronto rapper has created an impressive buzz around him and his music. The big thing that sets Robin Banks apart is his ability to so easily combine his singing into his rapping. This combination creates catchy bangers that will be heating up the streets for months. Not only does this guy create music for the hood, but he’s also a master at mixing it with music you can turn up to. Robin Banks is known for his phrase “I’m TT Right Now” which stands for too turnt and has led to Drake shouting out his movement over Instagram. If you ask him he will tell you that he’s “TT right now” and soon the whole city will be too.


If you’re a hip hop fan in Toronto, there’s no denying that you’ve already heard of Roney. He controlled the hip hop streets when he was only 18. His first ever performance was opening up for Redman and Method Man at the Sound Academy. Roney’s vicious flow and aggressive lyrics quickly spread across the city. This guy has videos after videos after many more videos with views ranging from 200,000 to 500,000+ views. But just as his buzz was reaching new heights Roney was charged and sent to jail. The streets is anxiously waiting for him to be released to reclaim his throne. Once he’s out, he’s definitely going to have the streets on lock and you’ll find out why they say he’s the hardest out.

Big Lean:

Enough is Enough, but is it really? With the release of his latest mixtape Enough is Enough Big Lean been making his mark on the scene. Toronto is crowded with rappers trying to make it and get there shot at the big leagues. Big Lean determined to carve out his own bath in these streets. His flow is really laid back as you can hear him rap about girls and drugs. Big Lean has also worked with many well known artists such as Chief Keef, Juicy J, King Louie and most recently Juelz Santana. He is definitely someone you need to keep your eye on this 2016.

Gangis Khan aka Camoflauge:

Just like the Mongolian ruler Gangis Khan aka Camoflaugh, he is ready to conquer the city and create his own empire. Gangis Khan fits right in with the trap scene as his videos feature him on nice cars, a big crew behind him and this guy is all about his hustle. He’s been making a name for himself in the streets for quite some time now. One of his our favorite picks from his is “No Days Off” and this single right here will definitely put him on the map as one of the best street rappers coming from the GTA. The more he grinds the more you will see his name appear in front of you, whether it’s a blog site, Twitter feed or your Facebook timeline.


This dude has been around for some time but has just recently made huge strides kicking down the door into the greater public scope. He recently released a mixtape, “Rookie of the Year” and for his first body of work it was off the charts, as a matter of fact for a mixtape period it was extremely fire. Syph is one of those very well-rounded artists, he can be put into a number of different categories, from Trap, Party and that drug-induced sound that Toronto has been dominating. Where most local artists will primarily stay local he has connected with a number of big artists making huge hits, like his recent track “Pull Up” with Tory Lanez that has been blowing up all over the internet. This guy is someone you do not want to sleep on entering the new year.

Smoke Dawg:

If you’re from Toronto or anywhere near Toronto, or you’ve been paying attention to Toronto music, you’d be slipping pretty hard if you hadn’t taken in Smoke Dawg. This artist has come along way, started out with a few features here and there with other downtown artists, but has started taking it more seriously coming out with a few fire singles that have either blown up on the internet or have been featured on OVO Sound Radio. Either way you look at it, he is someone that had to be mentioned on this.


After being released from jail, Keelow has definitely been putting in work; and his buzz did not die one bit. This guy doesn’t sound like every rapper out there in Toronto. He has his own unique voice, he has clever lyrics and has a gritty street flow. He recently dropped a story-telling track, accompanied by a story-based music video called “The Set Up Part 1” working with 416 Prince Beatz and it’s sitting at over 35,000 views in just a little over a month. One minor setback can equal a major come back. We always look forward to new material from Keelow. Check out his video below.

P Reign:

This list wouldn’t be complete without P Reign, he is probably the most well-known street rapper coming out of Toronto. This guy has heavy affiliation with OVO Sound. He has worked with many hip hop industry leaders or top dogs such as Drake, Future, Troy Ave, Meek Mill, Waka Flocka, Young Scooter and many others. He’s been doing his thing for a minute and now it’s time for him to shine. Stay up to date with P Reign to see what his next moves will be.