Toronto’s Velow Releases First Single “Laughed To Myself”

Toronto’s Velow Releases First Single “Laughed To Myself”

Velow, from the outskirts of Toronto, recently released his first single “Laughed To Myself”.

The Scarborough native has created a buzz around Toronto, working with numerous creatives prior to the release of his first song.

One thing that caught my attention from watching and listening to Velow, was his very deep and unique voice. He has a very similar comparison to Pop Smoke and Rick Ross, also considering that he is younger than both of the artists listed, he does have loads of potential.

The song overall is pretty catchy, the overall instrumental runs nicely with Velow’s lyrics. To continue, the production is very proper and a great way to start to demonstrate and show the professionalism of Velow’s work.

Overall I am quite pleased with the song, and I will definitely keep an eye Velow’s future projects as I myself believe there is something special about the Toronto artist.

If you would like to check out Velow’s song, there will be a link below.