Tory Lanez CHIXTAPE 5 Release Date Revealed

Tory Lanez CHIXTAPE 5 Release Date Revealed

The long-awaited CHIXTAPE 5 project by Tory Lanez is less than two weeks away.

November 15th, the release date was officially distributed through Tory’s contact phone number to fans.

Various artists have recently created a dedicated number to interact with fans, as a tool to provide updates on the newest news regarding their music.

I personally believe this marketing tool is great to interact with artists’ real fans. Artists such as Arin Ray, Ali Gatie, ROLE MODEL are a few artists who have followed the same marketing technique to engage with their fans.

Regardless, this is one of the biggest projects regarding Tory Lanez. There has been major hype around Tory over the past year, and I hope his mixtape does not disappoint fans.

What are your guy’s thoughts, what is the project that you are waiting for?