Vyce Versa Drops Debut Project “Vyce”

Vyce Versa comes out with his debut project “Vyce”, bringing melodic tunes and mellow vibes. The Oakville singer did not fail to deliver with his slow, tension-filled R&B project.

I was first introduced to his music this year when I listened to “What It’s Like”. It is currently in the album following it’s prior release as a single featuring other alternative R&B artist Yahya. The song instantly caught my attention with its catchy chorus and moody verses.
For a first listen, I highly suggest giving it a listen. With a smooth R&B flow, he catches me as an artist to be the next Anders or Black Atlass to be a breakout artist from Canada. Other stand-out song’s in this album include “With You” and “Chronic” that I recommend you give a listen to.

With only 1572 followers, Vyce Versa is super underrated and with his talent I believe sky’s the limit for his potential in the near future. Being from Oakville, it’s great to see talent like his reach a wider audience.