Vyce Versa drops first track to debut album “Vyce” featuring Yahya

Vyce Versa drops first track to debut album “Vyce” featuring Yahya

Toronto’s Vyce Versa released one of his first singles to his debut album “Vyce”.

The much-anticipated album is set to release November 1st on major platforms Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

This is an album that many are looking forward too, and I was lucky to have a chance to work and listen to Vyce Versa’s new music, all I can say is that many are in for a treat.

Last night, Moe decided to give his fans a glimpse of what fans can expect from his album with a release of his single “What It’s Like” featuring good friend Yahya. Fun fact the release of “What It’s Like” was released to celebrate the birthday of Yahya. I hope everyone wishes Yahya a happy birthday and the release of the song was a great birthday present.

The song itself is one of my favorite pieces of the collaboration between Vyce Versa and Yahya. Everything about the track is perfect, from the artwork to the production and the placements of Moe’s and Yahya’s verses. I can definitely say that I am excited while proud of the accomplishments these two have made over the years and can’t wait for fans to listen to the album when it officially releases.

If you would like to give the song a listen, there will be a link below.


Artwork made by @_owenmelhuish