Watch The New Visuals for Shakill’s “Ashton”

Watch The New Visuals for Shakill’s “Ashton”

Shakill, who is also known as “TBKShakill” is a Toronto born artist who relocated to Brampton’s Peel Region at the age of 10.

He started his music journey at an early age of 11 and has continued to this day.

One of his most notable accomplishments was working with Jamaican icon Sizzle Kalonji, a prominent figure of the roots of Reggae and Dancehall music.

As of most recently, Shakill teamed up with visual producer BrownGuyMadeIt on a music video for his newest track “Ashton”. This is the first video since 2018, and he is currently working on more visuals for the newest music from his album “Another Terrible Influence”.

Check out Shakill’s video for “Ashton” and keep up with his Instagram for the newest releases and news,