Wu-Tang Clan Contest (Album Artwork Remix)

Wu-Tang Clan Contest (Album Artwork Remix)

Wu-Tang Clan Contest (Album Artwork Remix) open to all graphic designers!

If you’re not aware, the brand new album from Wu-Tang Clan, titled A Better Tomorrow releases December 2, 2014!

The band has already dropped the album artwork, which features world famous structures from across the globe including the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Burj Al Arab and more.  Unfortunately the Wu crew failed to include any Canadian landmark – not even the CN Tower!

Exclaim!  is having contest where entrants can “remix” the album artwork (aka photoshop it) to include a Canadian landmark of each entrants choice!  Some of the entries so far are really neat and include the entire Toronto skyline, and another with the Rocky Mountains!

wu tang a better tomorrow


To enter, share your design on your favourite social media network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and be sure to tag @exclaimdotca and use the hashtag #wutangartworkremix. Once you’ve shared it, visit the link below and fill out our contact form and include a link to your remixed artwork in the field below.