Zane Fontaine – ZEEHAB (Featured Toronto Mixtape)

Zane Fontaine – ZEEHAB (Featured Toronto Mixtape)

If you’re solely looking for trap vibes this might not be for you, but if you mess with that cool, smooth vibe music then this right here is exactly what you need. Coming out of Toronto, DoppleGang Records artist Zane Fontaine, has been in the lab cooking and has finally released his new work onto the streets, in the form of a dope mixtape, “ZEEHAB“. The tape was dropped on Halloween and since then has been wrongfully slept on. It consists of 8 tracks that are similar but still very different. This isn’t his first time putting together a project, he released a self-titled EP in 2013, and from listening to that and comparing it to his new project, you will see that he definitely has a specific sound that he rocks with and he has definitely perfected that sound over time. His début project, “ZANE” can be streamed for free and purchased here.

This new project isn’t just a compilation of his music either, his camp is quoted expressing that this project, “is a portrait of Zane’s experience living in the Toronto doing what he needs to do to be where he wants to be. The name “ZEEHAB” is a reflection of the cyclical periods of substance abuse always followed by periods of clean living, like a kid who lets his room get  out of control messy before he cleans it.” As stated before, the tape has a number of different but similar sounds to it, one main reason for this is that the whole tape, with the exception of two tracks, was single handedly produced and put together by Zane. The two odd tracks in question are, “International” which was produced by Jim JR, and “City Life” which was produced by Prezident Jeff.

This mixtape showcases Zane Fontaine’s on point lyrical and producing abilities; and without being overly ambitious, it is safe to say that it is an extremely impressive tape. Check it out below and be sure to look out for more work coming from Zane Fontaine and DoppleGang Records.